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  • HiPair Technology Adopt HUAWEI HiPair and fast charging technology, you can insert the mobile phone Type-C interface through the built-in Type-C connector of the earphone, so that complete the BT pairing and the earphone charging, enjoying its new experience just in one step.
  • Natural & Beautiful Sound Equipped with a 9.2mm moving coil unit to make the sound field wider; TPU polymer diaphragm, powerful bass; composite titanium plating process, high-pitched is tenuto and melodious.
  • Comfortable to Wear Combined with nickel-titanium alloy and silica gel, it is flexible, skin-friendly and elastic. It not only keeps fit with the neck, but also facilitates folding and storage when traveling.
  • Fast Charge & Low Consumption It adopts 3C high-performance tiny little lithium battery, charging for 5 minutes, playing for up to 4 hours, full power can listen to songs for 18 hours in a row.
  • Audio & Video Synchronization Support for HUAWEI BT low-latency technology, automatically switch to “low latency” mode when entering the mobile phone game, greatly reducing the game audio delay, keeping the game sound and picture synchronized, the game is smoother.

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Source: GSMArena