Mi Power Strip 3 Sockets 3 USB Ports

Mi Power Strip 3 Sockets 3 USB Ports




3 USB ports, supports voltage 2A, a three-tier security.

A work of art makes your life easier
The extension is always there in every home, and often more than one, but not all are satisfied. Constantly confronted with their shortcomings, we started thinking about how to improve them. For comfortable use, we modeled a power strip with 3 USB ports, as the number of gadgets in everyday life increases a problem with them charging. In addition, to ensure that our devices are of the appearance of other accessories for the house, we carefully studied design. All items are a made-to-order extension of high-quality materials. The occupied area, compared with conventional extenders, less than 50%, a three-level security enabled. Simple, elegant and compact — all this is done not only in order to enable you to discreetly hide under the table, but also to use as a desktop accessory. Improving the appearance of the extension course can not “turn the world upside down”, but it can greatly simplify your life.​


Manufacturer Xiaomi
Type Smart power strip
Wire Three-core
Amount of outlets 3
Amount USB – ports 3
Security Level three-level
Current, A
Maximum load 10A, 2500W, 250V

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