Power bank Romoss Sense 6 20000mAh

Power bank Romoss Sense 6 20000mAh




LCD Display
The Sense 6 Plus 20000 MAH features an LCD screen to indicate power capacity and charging status, and enters power saving mode after 3 minutes.

Light and Slim Design
Romoss’ new R9 fillet and slim feature ensures a more comfortable grip. Portable and light design makes it more convenient to carry in your pocket or purse.

Charging on the go
Ever the time efficient power bank, Romoss’ customized design allows charging a device even when the power bank itself is being charged. For a better performance, use the accompanying charging cable of your device when using the Sense 6 Plus Power Bank. For charging the battery, please connect the micro USB cable with battery to PC or DC 5V USB charger.

Never lose power on your device with Romoss Powerbanks
Today’s fast-paced world requires that you stay connected and on top of your game every time. Make sure that your phone continues to work and play with you with the help of the Romoss Sense 6 Plus Power Bank. Also, don’t forget that you can maximize the overall efficiency of this awesome gadget by pairing it up with a universal cable.

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Source: Romoss