Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack

Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack




Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack – notebook backpack, stylish, ideal for everyday wear, polyester material, 10l, 14 “notebook pocket, hidden zippers. Dimensions 34×22.5x13cm

Product description

Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack

Go to the world with a comfortable and practical Xiaomi Mi Casual Daypack and you can be sure you won’t get lost in the crowd!

  • Unique look
  • Your back will appreciate the comfort of this backpack
  • With large storage space

Great design

The inner compartment of the backpack is made of EPE. This material is very durable and waterproof. The shoulder straps are ergonomically designed to reduce the pressure on the spine and ensure a smooth all-day carry. The elegant and durable fibers are reinforced with a steel construction that ensures the strength and flexibility of the backpack. The shoulder strap is adjustable to the user’s needs, the zipper design is anti-slip and the handle is made of nylon.

Key properties

For your tablet and notebook up to 14 “. Well accessible space for personal belongings. Water resistant material. Adjustable shoulder straps. Shoulder reinforcements, handles and strong front pockets to withstand wear.

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