Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Dust Mite Cleaner

Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Dust Mite Cleaner




Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Dust Mite Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner from a world-famous brand, made in a stylish design solution. Body color: classic white and with light gray accents.
The device is practical, functional and ergonomic.
Features and Benefits:
• 2000 mAh battery
• Careful removal of allergens and ticks
• Wireless charging capability
• Powerful engine – 85,000 rpm
• Power factor vacuum cleaner: 330 W
• The universality of use.


Brand: Mijia
Type: Wireless Dust Mite Cleaner
Material : ABS
Weight 1.5 kg
Product size 15×35×9 cm
Motor: 85,000 rpm
Suction power: 16kPa
Rated voltage: 21.6V
Rated power: 330W
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Battery capacity: 2000mAH
Color: White
Package Contents: Dust Mite Cleaner x 1

Power Cord x 1

Chinese Manual x 1

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