Extraordinary Sound, to Elevate the Everyday

HUAWEI Sound delivers exceptional audio and an immersive listening experience, backed by Devialet’s cutting-edge acoustics team, and tailored for the most discerning audiophiles. Rediscover your favourite music as it is played with rich, deep, and full-bodied timbre.

Sound that Moves Your Soul

Thanks to four premium speakers and Devialet’s treasure trove of technologies and expertise, HUAWEI Sound restores audio quality to an uncanny degree, resulting in wide soundstage, accurate reproduction, deep bass and bright treble.

Punchy Bass

HUAWEI Sound generates bass that can be heard and felt. It comes equipped with a sophisticated woofer powered by Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching (SAM®) technology, which tailors the sound signal to match the speaker for music that’s remarkably more faithful to the original recording.

Strikes a Powerful Chord

Three high-end tweeters produce lyrical high notes that pierce the soul, and do full justice to the climax of any song. Devialet SPACE™ technology recreates surround sound experience from a standalone device, so you feel as if you’re actually transported to the scene of a live concert.

Pitch Perfect

Two SAM® powered passive units, in a “Push-Push” configuration, resonate with the woofer to deliver robust bass tones, while suppressing membrane distortion to produce unfiltered audio. You can rest assured knowing that what you hear will always sound pristine.

Sound in Space

HUAWEI Sound offers a spatial audio experience without taking up space in your home. With Devialet’s SPACE™ Soundstage, you can enjoy surround sound with just a single HUAWEI Sound speaker, and lose yourself in your music.


Wall-to-Wall Excellence

HUAWEI Sound comes fitted with three evenly arranged tweeters, each of which is crafted for optimal sound. Simply place it in the centre of room, and you’ll hear sound emanating from every direction. Whether it’s sharing your favourite music with friends or dancing across the room during a party, everyone will enjoy an immersive listening experience.


More Choices for Your Devices

Remarkably convenient and versatile, with Bluetooth (LDAC5), UPnP and AUX-in support.
Bluetooth: Easy tap-to-transfer audio from your phone.2
3.5 mm AUX-in: Wired connection for enhanced sound.6
UPnP: Transfer high-quality audio content from UPnP streaming apps on your phone to HUAWEI Sound.


  • Devialet 4-speaker Acoustic Design

    Equipped with four premium speakers, a woofer and three tweeters, and loaded with leading acoustics technologies from Devialet.

    Devialet SPACE™ Soundstage

    Let you enjoy cinematic surround sound with a single standalone speaker.

    3 Ways to Transmit Audio

    Support Bluetooth (LDAC), UPnP and 3.5 mm AUX-in.

    Huawei Share

    Intuitive control over your speaker. Tap to share, touch to mute.

    High-Res Audio

    Play your lossless audio files without compromise.

    Tailored Sound Effects

    Four sound effects for your choice: Hi-Fi, Vocal, Devialet SPACE™ Soundstage and bass.

  • Diameter

    147 mm


    186.7 mm


    About 2200 g

    *Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

  • 512 MB RAM + 8 GB ROM

    *The available internal storage may be smaller as part of the internal storage is occupied by software.

  • Speaker Unit

    1 woofer

    3 full-range speakers

    2 passive units

    Frequency Response

    55 hz ~ 40 Khz

    Sound Track

    Single track

    Sound Effect

    Devialet SPACE™  Soundstage, 360° Surround

  • Mute Key, Volume +/-, Multifunction

  • Connection Guide

  • WLAN

    802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz


    BT 5.0






    3.5 mm AUX-in

  • Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature


  • AI Life App

  • HUAWEI Sound

    Power Adapter &cable

    Quick Start Guide


    Warranty card

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